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Monday 9a-3p

Tuesday 12-7p

Thursday 10a-4p

Friday 9a-4p

R E C O V E R  W E L L.   L I V E  W E L L.



1 hr 15min  I  $95.00

Fascial Stretch Therapy is an advanced manual stretching technique. It is a dynamic, pain free system that can release tension, regulate your nervous system and bring balance to your body. By not just focusing on a single muscle group, but working a whole fascial line (deep connective tissue, joint capsule, and muscle fibers) it can improve mobility, restore proper function, to help you move and perform better.

After some brief paperwork, we will discuss more in depth what your goals are and how we can get there. An assessment of movement and tissue will happen through out the session.

I will follow up with suggested movement work and a game plan after your first stretch.

R E C O V E R  W E L L
L I V E  W E L L 

Find the recovery you have always needed.



Who is this stretch lady???

I am a Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist and Licensed Massage Therapist...


Beyond that, I like long walks in the woods, sunshine, and physical activity that ends with a vodka soda. 

I am a farm kid who still likes to work hard and play hard. My husband and two boys and I love to ride bikes and go on adventures.

Meditation changed my life, and I am really passionate about bodies and how it’s all connected.

How our heart’s and mind’s show through. And I would love to introduce you to FST.