Frequently asked questions

What is FST?

Magic for your muscles and your Fascia System!
Fascial Stretch Therapy is an advanced manual stretching technique. It is a dynamic, pain free system that can release tension, regulate your nervous system and bring balance to your body.By not just focusing on a single muscle group, but working a whole fascial line (deep connective tissue, joint capsule, and muscle fibers) it can improve mobility, restore proper function, to help you move and perform better.

What is fascia?

Fascia is your connective tissue. It is the web like substance that holds you together. It is around yourmuscle fibers and your whole muscle groups.

Why do I need to stretch my fascia?

Your fascia is a communication system, a communication system of not only physical tension, but emotional and mental as well. If there is restriction or tension built up in one area it is pulling your whole fascia system with it. FST’s dynamic system of stretching can restore the proper balance of tension. When our fascia functions well we move well, we recover faster, and can perform at our best.

What is FST good for?

-Do you have an old childhood injury that is still bothering you? FST!
-Do you have a secondary pain or injury that is developing after an initial injury? FST
-Are you training for an athletic event whether it be your first 5K or an ultra marathon or
anything in between? FST
-Training for the crossfit games? FST
-Are you feeling great, but want to keep up your life’s activities? FST
-You want to see if there is anything that can be done about your consistently tight hamstrings? FST?
-Or do you always present tension? FST Whether you are recovering from training workouts or that old injury you just can’t shake, FSTcan help restore balanced function and help you live and perform at your highest level.

What to expect?

After an initial intake, consultation, we will stretch! Wearing clothes you can move in, you will
be on the massage table. At various times straps will be utlized to avoid compensation in other areas your body. There may be, at times, cueing for movement and breath, but most of the time yourelax, breath, and wait to see what your body says.

What to wear?

Please wear athletic clothes or comfy clothes. You will be moving!